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Employment Tax

New starter to employment, still a student, school leaver,or just arriving in the UK and need advice on your tax code and tax free allowances. Finished work or have two jobs, repayment reviews and claims undertaken. About to Leave the UK and unsure of your tax position, then I can help you.In receipt of Benefits from your employer such as Company car, Medical Benefit, and not sure how to proceed. Self Assessment Tax return completion. In Employment and thinking about starting your own business and going Self Employed.

In many cases, being employed is fairly straight forward, you earn your wage and deductions for Tax and National Insurance are made before you receive you pay.

But do you fit into any of these categories?

  • Starting work for the first time
  • Changing jobs
  • Finishing work
  • Arriving in the UK
  • Leaving the UK
  • A student working holiday time only
  • Have more than one job
  • Due to start receiving a state pension or pension from a former employer
  • Are on or have been on an emergency tax code in the past 5 years
  • Receive benefits from your employer, such as
    • company car and/or fuel
    • Mileage allowance
    • Company Van
    • Company Credit card
    • Season Tickets for Travel to and from work
    • Travel Expenses
    • Living accommodation provided by your employer
    • Beneficial Loan
    • Entertaining Expenses
    • Mobile Phone
    • Gifts
  • Fill in a self assessment tax return each year
  • Thinking about becoming self employed/have begun self employment
  • Due to take up work in the Construction Industry
  • Are on a low wage - then tax credits may be due

Then help is on hand

  • Tax code checks and corrections
  • Review of company benefits, you may be paying too much tax
  • Repayments for overpaid tax
  • Review that you are not paying too much tax on Benefits received from your employer. They may be tax free.
  • Review of any expenses you pay for in your job - such as working from home, mileage allowance that is less than 40p per mile from your employer, travel expenses not reimbursed by your employer.
  • Completion of Arriving or Leaving the UK tax forms
  • Pension enquiry forms P161
  • Tax Credit review and support
  • Multiple employments review - tax overpaid

Prices start from £65

For an initial no obligation chat, call Sam on 01622 754376 or fill in the contact form with your details.

Key Dates:

5 April

  • End of tax year

6 April

  • Start of new tax year
  • Self Assessment assessment tax return, you will receive one after this date for the year 2008/2009 if you due to complete one.