tax advice for the self employeed

Key Dates

31 Jan
Online tax return
Balance payment (07/08) due
First payment (08/09) due

6 April
Self Assessment returns issued

31 July
Second Tax Payment and NI due

31 October
Paper tax return due

Self Employment involves:

  • Record keeping
  • Calculating allowable business expenses
  • Completion of the Self Assessment Tax Returns
  • Knowing what Tax and National Insurance might be due
  • Calculating the cost of business equipment for Capital Allowances, (now the Annual Investment Allowance)

Sam Sexton Tax Consultant wants to save you costs, ensure you get it right, and keep on top of those all important filing dates, - that support is just a phone call away I could save you up to 20% on Business Expenses and Capital Allowances alone.

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Self Employed

Self Employment Tax advice and planning providing record keeping and completion of Self Assessment Tax Returns. Calculations of allowable business expenses and Capital Allowances, with a review of previous calculations to save costs to your business. New CIS sole traders and Partnership Self Assessment Tax Returns.

Starting your own business/Self Employed for the first time

  • Sole Traders and Partnerships
  • Bookkeeping & Accounts
  • Calculation of deductible/allowable tax expenses
  • Calculation of Capital Allowances on Business Equipment
  • Self Assessment tax return
  • Tax Planning & Advice
  • No cost Monthly Newsletter offering tax tips and latest tax news
  • Tax credit review & advice
  • CIS Self Assessment Tax return
  • CIS Additional deductible tax expenses
  • Educational pack for the Self Employed - just £15 with invaluable insight and tax tips. Call today on 01622 754376 for a no obligation consultation

Self Employed for more than a year

  • Sole Traders and Partnerships
  • Review of your current bookkeeping & tax return
  • Tax help and tips to save you costs
  • Self Assessment Tax return
  • Capital Allowance Review on Business Equipment
  • Tax advise and Planning
  • No cost Monthly Newsletter offering tax tips and latest tax news
  • Tax Credit Review & advice
  • Reviews could save you up to 20% of your tax bill
  • CIS Self Assessment Tax Return
  • CIS review on additional deductible tax expenses

Call today on 01622 754376 for a no obligation consultation.

This service provides tax tips, answers your tax questions, and provides a review that could save your business up to 20% - on business expenses and business equipment alone! Call today for a no obligation chat - 01622 754376

Prices start from

£65 for tax return completion
£65 for New CIS Appeals work
£220 for Educational Presentations/Consultancy
£15 for Education Pack (this includes P & P)

Call Sam Sexton today on 01622 754376 or fill in your details on the contact form.

Key Dates:

31 Jan

  • 2007/2008 online tax return due by this date to avoid a £100 penalty
  • Balancing Payment due for tax and National Insurance owed for 2007/2008
  • First year payment due for estimated tax and National Insurance for 2008/2009

6 April

  • 2009 Self Assessment Tax returns issued for 2008/2009

31 July

  • Second year payment due for estimated Tax and National Insurance for 2008/2009

31 Oct

  • 2009 Self Assessment Tax return to HMRC if completing a paper return